Checkout belt divide etiquette

Tweet got me thinking - whichever side of the belt divide I’m on here I wouldn’t see this as a gesture that requires a thank you. If anything there’s a touch of passive aggression to the placing of the divider, as if you don’t trust the person to not get their shopping mixed with yours.


There are two types of people. Those who remember recent threads and those who do not


fuck sake. First thread I’ve started in literally months, can’t I have this


I don’t get it, did she put the divider down behind her shopping or his? Because I’m with you, imo it’s your responsibility to put a divider behind your own shopping and you shouldn’t expect to be thanked for it.


Really gutted this isn’t about a clothing belt I could check out, and it’s adjacent etiquette


reading through it now, good stuff

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You don’t need the divider anyway

Absolute waste of time

woah, are there people that don’t say thank you?

I sit down on the belt after I’ve put my goods on there and then enjoy a little ride to the payment station

Edit: actually, I don’t do this


No you don’t

When there’s nobody behind you and you put a divider down you don’t expect a thank you, so why expect one for something you’d have been doing anyway if the person wasn’t there?

Not saying people shouldn’t say thank you but it’s a bit much to expect a thank you


Yeah, I know. I’ve edited the post accordingly.

I wouldn’t put a divider down if there wasn’t someone behind me.


Probably would say cheers in the Before Time but since Covid when you give everyone space and aren’t queueing right behind them it’s a bit weird to shout ‘THANKS’ when someone puts a divider down after them

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Do you ever sit on the belt and enjoy a little ride to the payment station?

I like to stand on the belt after I’ve put my shopping down and surf my way to the payment station on top of the goods.


I just put the basket, full of my shopping, down on the conveyor and let the till operator decant it. No need to put the divider down that way.

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