*checks watch* Unambiguous Tuesday Banal


From Jordan’s thread:


I’ve got nothing


Alright, Whitney Houston


torn between using model answers to mark my own and children’s ideas about space or reading about phrases, clauses and sentences. might just go look at denim dresses


just had a scone. a scone and butter. 6 fucking raisins in the whole scone. I’m pretty livid about it, man


Fine I’ll cross-post

I would just like to inform everyone that I have now reached the status of MEMBER which means I finally get more likes, so now I can be even more of a like-slut! Amazing times.


Blah I have some time to kill but not enough time to actually do anything, like watch a show or something. WHY IS LIFE SO HORRIBLY HARD


can you go into the meadow and pick some flowers? I assume Norway is just one huge meadow, btw

  1. I live in the city
  2. It’s cold today

So, no.


I’ve completely foxed the person on my directline live webchat, completely fucking foxed 'em

EDIT: They’ve now replied