*checks watch*

So uhh… you like… stuff?


yeah man, stuff is cool

Have to say, I dont

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Stuff is ok, I guess.

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Not only do I not like stuff I look down on those who do.

Things is where it’s at now.

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Not into stuff, but St. Uff is a GBOS

Freakin’ hipster!

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Get with the times. Stuff is so over.

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Fuck it, i’m going out for an oat milk cappuccino… for an hour.

Any snacking or treat action on the go this afternoon?

Time for some Tom Jones news?

Looks like he’s got a homecoming show planned tomorrow night

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Some grapes probably, and some orange squash and sparkling water.

Might have another magnum knock off

might have a cup of tea and a penguin bar



For a brief moment, I thought that keyboard was a Periodic Table.


Killing time till the fish n chip van arrives in an hour.

Any plans for this evening?

just had some mini cheddars

not gonna get home until about 9pm and i don’t think that will suffice will it, shit