Decided I want a Cheekface thread because since @rich-t recommended them in one of the new release threads, I’ve been enjoying their back catalogue a lot.

Nothing particularly groundbreaking or world-changing, but love the frontperson’s fragmented lyrical style. Genuinely adore the line “and is con-man really short for condiment man!?” and think of it semi-regularly.

Anyone seen them live? Not sure if they’ve toured outside of the US ever yet. Would enjoy.

Such a sick band

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Enjoyed the Audiotree session they did back in 2020. Feels fitting and quite liked the fact that they seem like such awkward people in real life too.

Impossible to listen to this and not shout NO in the chorus

Also discovered via the same new releases thread and yeah love them. Remember being surprised that I couldn’t find anything about them playing in Europe.

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Yay!!! Cheekface. The best.

New single released last Friday as well.

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Just listened to this one, didn’t know they had a new one out the lyrics seem a bit… both sides? Feels a bit like centrist smarm. Am I reading too much into this?

Oh, and that live, remotely video is ace.

Another fav

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Only listened a couple of times and I’m not big on lyrics at the best of times so not sure.

I don’t usually dwell on lyrics, but there are always certain exceptions where I can’t help but notice them, and with the clean production and delivery on Cheekface I can’t help but notice them.

Also, I saw the lyric video to Pledge Drive and couldn’t help noticing them when they’re put right in your face. Getting some snide “both sides are ridiculous when you really think about it” vibes about it…

I am living in an extra large box
It’s a nice big house with a TV/VCR
Where rats are eating all my earthly possessions
I called the pledge drive
I got the suicide hotline

Life’s little moments in an extra-large box
Courting controversy in an esoteric field
Why don’t the police ever obey the law?
I don’t know anything
You don’t know anything

Statistically likely to be wearing a shirt
A shirt so white and starched you could spill coffee on it
Statistically likely to be trying to stay hydrated (but not that hydrated)
No one is mad at me

If woke dudes must die, I’ll go first
I don’t know anything
You don’t know anything
If we must dumpster dive, I’ll go first
I don’t know anything
You don’t know anything
And if you think youth has been wasted on the young and the wasted
And so now one of us has to die, I’ll go first
I don’t know anything
You don’t know anything

I am a supergrain, I’m native to Peru
I thrive in the elevations of the Andes mountain range
I am arguably ruining the environment and the local economy
And you can substitute me for bulgur wheat

This mob of teens with sponges is ready to wash your car
I’m standing in the Wendy’s drive-thru screaming “Fuck all the transphobes”
(Sir, this is a Wendy’s)
I feel nothing and I’m 14-inches tall
I don’t know anything
You don’t know anything

Yeah, I see that. I suppose they toe that line a fair bit with their lyrical style throughout their catalogue, but you’re right, that’s a bit too “both sides” for them

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Think of Cheekface and Yard Act as a ‘Sister sister’ situation where they were separated at birth and one grew up in U.S and one in the North of England and these are the results.

Both are bands I heard a song or two and thought these guys are great. Then I listened to a whole album and thought actually they’re kind of annoying.

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Never heard of these guys before but I like everything posted so far!

Kinda reminded me of these guys as well…

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Didnt realise the lyrics were that much to be read into, my reading were they were just about touching bums and being cheeky

No TKC, you’re thinking of the Cheeky Girls!!! :man_facepalming:

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I am quite enjoying the developing drama of @ma0sm creating a Cheekface thread and potentially blacklisting Cheekface within a few short hours.

(I also quite enjoyed the Cheekface album)


Let’s get cancelled, let’s get cancelled together
If I get cancelled, I wanna get cancelled together
Exclusion is a gift, a silver medal
The end of youth, a couple packs of my favourite snacks


Which one?

Ah, err, the one I listened to.
(Probably the one that came out a year or so ago)

Ah, the second album

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