Cheeky Nandos, Ed Sheeran

Saw a bit of Soccer AM on Saturday. Haven’t really seen it for the best part of 10 years, but I’m sure it never used to be that shit.

its properly unwatchable now

How old were you when you thought it was good? It was probably just your bad taste rather than it going downhill (it involved Tim Lovejoy)

That’s what I was thinking, but as @TKC says it’s just total shit now - I don’t think even teenage me would’ve found it good in any way.

Nah soccer am used to be funny. Bit full of itself but it was funny and Lovejoy was bearable. Now its just pitiful


Humorous answer

Tough Mudder
Five Guys


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Dapper Laughs

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Fake Taxi

Mrs browns boys
Suicide squad
Twenty one pilots

The Moneysupermarket ads

Everybody’s talking 'bout pop music

[details=you need to change your av’]


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Sheer class

Black Country, New Road