Cheering people up


soemone i know needs cheering up - what’s your go to cheering up techniques?


take them to the pub


tickle them


depends why the need cheering up, have they broken up with a significant partner, are they upset by work, has their favourite team just lost etc etc


Bourbon and pornography.


See above.


^very much this

No amount of cat gifs will solve some things.


just blue :confused:


Cat and dog videos


Make them a cup of tea, have a chat and try and make them laugh.

Occasionally buy some people an album or single I know they’ll like if they’re feeling down. Got my housemate ‘Ah Um’ by Mingus the other day, cheered him right up.


Original Blur lyrics abandoned in quest for Radio 1 airtime.





reduced cheesecake


think you underestimate just how many cat gifs there are on the internet


I would be surprised if anyone was more useless at cheering people up than myself.

Listening, analysing, helping, empathising. I’m your man for that. Cheering up? Absolutely useless at it.


Stick on S Club party and dance for them.


Don’t think people should be cheered up, let them mope


Micropig videos and a billion compliments