Cheese chat



Had the stichelton from Neal’s Yard at Borough Market over christmas and it might be the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Let’s talk about cheese, yeah


Love cheese, me.


It’s fucking brilliant isn’t it


Top stuff. Probably the best.


Yeah man.

Bit disappointed at the moment, after binging on loads of cheese over the Winterval period, it’s as good as banned while the woman is on a diet of sorts.


cheese, great bunch o’ lads


Yeah Stichelton is amazing.

Really like Izdaibal (sp?) for a simple tasty cheese


I always say stichleton when asked what my favourite cheese is.

But I also love a Babybel.


Currently in stock:

Zachte Waerder
Belegen Leidse


Enjoying yorkshire fettle atm.


The thing with cheese is that even the shittest stuff (anything from the Netherlands) is quite good. Worra substance!


gone a bit off cheese in recent months/years. don’t get me wrong obviously cheese is great but I’m much more into fresh or zingy or vinegary flavours at present. thanks for reading, I will not be available for further comment.


The other problem with the crimbo cheese binge is you’re always eating really good (also expensive) stuff. Means it all feels a little bit plain when you go back to your normal stock. Got a fucking bang-on cornish yarg on the go atm though


mate it’s still veganuary ffs!!!


top 5 cheeses for me, clive:

  1. Good quality, mature cheddar
  2. Manchego, semi-curado
  3. Comte
  4. Stichleton
  5. A ripe brie


We’ve got a lovely bit of manchego in our fridge at the moment.

It goes well with the quince jelly that my mum made and gave us for christmas.


Cheese is the the main reason I’ll probably never go full vegan.


is this satire


quince jelly is good on pretty much all cheeses, love it so much. Use it in my cheese sarnies instead of butter.



(body seems unclear)