Cheese on toast


Didn’t ask

Bready toast?

Blue cheese on toast?

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  • Just not right, frankly

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  • When I say “Cheese on toast” the cheese in question is cheddar
  • Some people use things like “Red Leicester” for some reason

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I have weirdly fond memories of a time in my life in my early 20s where I had to move back into ol’ ma dots’ house on my own as she was in hospital for almost 9 months with leukemia and the cats & house needed looking after.

Doesn’t sound like much fun but her boyfriend at the time was a great guy and between the two of us we shouldered the emotional and logistical burden of her being unwell (as my two brothers were living far away). Due to both working full time and spending a huge amount of time at the hospital we would have cheese on toast for dinner seemingly most nights with loads of Lea and Perrins and chili and too much beer to accompany it. Good/bad/weird times. Bloody love cheese on toast.

(she made a full recovery!)


Can occasionally enjoy cold blue cheese, but heated mould… No thanks

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Blue cheese should always be eaten at room temperature so it gets a bit of sweat on it, obviously

this was an emotional read.

I have weirdly fond memories of quiet moments in super high stress moments when my mum was really ill. Sitting playing Hearthstone or ordering a pizza, chilling at my brother’s with his cat on my lap.

Glad there was a happy ending for you :slight_smile:


Here’s mine:

Pretoasted seeded batch loaf
Thick layer of butter
Medium layer of marmite
Slices of mature cheddar, under grill until almost melted
Add wafer thin sliced shallot
Add small chunks of chorizo
Back under the grill til the cheese is dark orange
Smash that fucker down yer beak

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might try this tonight and report back


Might have it for lunch

Delicious, obviously, but pales in comparison to staffy oatcakes


One of those things that people needlessly faff with.

Put some nice cheddar on some nice partially toasted bread and grill it until the cheese bubbles and starts to brown. Then eat. No need for anything else, it’s perfect.


Toasted sandwich where you butter the outside of the bread and then pan fry it (with ham and cheese as the filling). Salivating now.


Yep. Same with beans on toast.

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Yeah, these are obviously the best (without ham of course) but so fucking unhealthy.

Is it, because it’s the same amount of butter, just on the outside and fried. Is that a bad thing? :frowning:

Sourdough, obviously

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I wouldn’t use butter on cheese on toast and I always use quite a lot of butter when doing them (get some in and fry the first side and just before that is done melt more at the side of the pan). Fuck my beetroot tzatziki and mini wraps just ain’t cutting it now!

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