Cheese on toast


I honestly am sad that a nice peanut butter sandwich isn’t one of the shit bottom cost options next to egg mayo in the supermarket sandwich section.

I’m convinced it would fly off the shelves.


I can’t believe DOTS has done us like this. @bugduv, have a word!


I’d follow up by saying it keeps in the freezer really well for using for kiddie pizzas and pastas, etc. since it defrosts v quickly and it’s easy to remove frozen. If I’d known that when I was single I would likely have had a packet in my freezer for those times when you fuck up completely and haven’t bought cheese and just made pasta or something.


This came up earlier and you will be unsurprised to find that, like @shrewbie, I too enjoy cold cheese on toasted bread.


We have a recipe for that at home that I was contemplating the other day. Not sure what the topping was though. Have a feeling it was some kind of gratin


My dad used to do this quite often, presumably he couldn’t be arsed going to the effort of doing it properly, so he’d have a couple of rounds of toast with a load of cheese sliced up on top.


It’s a completely different thing to cheese on toast really. It’s more like a really big cracker with cheese on top. That’s why I like to put pickle or something on there too.


Today’s winner


Looks more like cheese in toast.