Cheese (rolling)



It’s one of those things that is a bit weird and endearing all at once, like welly wanging


That’s my home county! People get well into it you know, it’s no laughing matter


It’s also loads fun to watch, especially if you’re drinking. Some idiot will inevitably break a bone for a wheel of cheese (fair enough)



My mate got his ankle broken at the massive football game they play through the town in Ashbourne a few years back.


But did he win a giant wheel of cheese? That’s the question. Because the wheel of cheese really is fucking huge


He did not. Just a couple of months of hobbling around in a cast.


Oh. Disappointing. Feel like I should post him some double Gloucester to lesson the blow


Trailer for 30 year old film still looks more modern than this website




Endearing? I usually get thrown out the gym.