Brilliant stuff, nearly always good at the very least. Chocolate or lemon is the best, obviously. Really like that frozen Daim one you get in supermarkets.


I only really like the claggy baked ones

The ones that are just a layer of soggy digestives with some sweetened Philadelphia make me a bit cross

Bloody love cheesecake.

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Yeah probably pretty basic but it’s probably my fav dessert. Never get it in the house tho so it’s always a treat

Tell you what aren’t much cop tho, those little Gü ones in the glass ramekins :neutral_face:

Not really cheese, not really cake. Should properly be called sludgepastry.


They’re really nice and a Pringles pipe lid fits over the top of the ramekin making a handy storage pot afterwards.


And they’re often a clubcard save at Tesco so you can splash out without splashing out too much

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  • Baked
  • Unbaked

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Baked vanilla cheesecake, disaronno and raspberry sauce. Make it more than anything else when I need to do a fancy dessert, sometimes with homemade biscotti

It isn’t pastry though

This is cracking.

How about adding some cheesecake to your brownies?


Cheesecake is bad. An insult to the term ‘cake’.

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I wasn’t being logical, I was expressing my prejudices. That’s what these threads are for surely😉

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I believe ‘unbaked’ is called a set cheesecake.

Love all cheesecakes even a London Cheesecake but baked is best.

I’ve made two in my time, one vanilla and one chocolate. Both were incredible but they made so much (900g of cream cheese) it was hard to finish them.

I used to make a lemon cheesecake with a chocolate digestive base in years gone by but it was quite messy so not that practical.

I disagree with @Funkhouser that they’re nearly always at least good - I’ve had many very average ones that my mother has collected from supermarkets and frozen/defrosted at home - but the good ones are very good.

As much as I’ve never made one, I think I prefer the baked ones too.

Recipe please

Apropos of nothing, my son arrived home yesterday having nipped to Aldi. He had bought a box of Ferrero Rocher and an American cheesecake


Nigellas Nutella cheesecake :yum: