Sauce is just a load of raspberries, load of disaronno, bit of sugar and lemon juice cooked and strained, with a bit of cornflour to thicken it

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Love cheesecake. That’s all.

Made a burnt basque last year and it was 10/10

Also made the nigella Nutella one loads and it’s amazzzzzzing

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Awful stuff.

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Never had the impulse to make a cheesecake (not really into baking cause I’m the least precise cook in the world) but I might just have a go.

If someone told me I could never have cheesecake again I would shrug my shoulders and say “ok then”


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Under what circumstances would somebody say that to you?

That poll is non-fungible (cannot be poached)

I’m in the school canteen and a dinner person has said “YOU CAN NEVER HAVE CHEESECAKE AGAIN!” after I’ve done one of my classic bits of lighthearted tomfoolery

used to really love it and was my go to dessert but then just stopped having it for a while. Dunno why. Even cheap frozen cheesecake is good. Need to get back into it. Really like biscoff cheesecake as well.

Can’t blame them in that case.

Big fan. Massive fan. Love the stuff.

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Yeah, I had it coming

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Baked all the way. This recipe is brilliant.

Cheesecake will always remind me of my friend Max telling me about a night of passion he had that involved cheesecake “everywhere you can think of… and some places you can’t”


My favourutes to make are lotus biscuit cheesecake and oreo cheesecake with the biscuit used in the base and in the filling too :drooling_face:

Oops didnt mean to reply to you directly funky


cheesecake is a thing that I like more than I think I do

never go out thinking I’d like some, but then I randomly end up with some and think hey this is great I should do this more

edit: for a rather important typo

You can reply to me any time you like.

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