Chelsea Manning free in May




Good news


Just the four years for espionage and aiding the enemy then.


Can’t stop singing this thread title to the tune of Camptown Races.


doo don’t



It’s great that it’s happening, but it happening a week before Obama’s off rather than years ago is very hmm. Keep seeing people wondering if this tweet from September still holds up - fat chance mates


Kind of weird that this is the picture of her on wikipedia, despite the entire article never failing to refer to her as she and her:

I have nothing further to add at present


Apparently he’s given hundreds of millions of funding to climate change charities this week as well. Easy to be cynical, but surely he’s just trying to pre-empt Trump where possible? I’d argue Obama’s legacy is pretty solid, outside of America at least, and will be sealed in the US by incoming president’s disastrous term.

I’m interested in what power Big Don may have to block this given it looks like he repeal the ACA in the swish of a pen?


i’m guessing he can can say commuting the sentence is not the same as clemency


*completely erased in the US by incoming President’s disastrous term (within a few months)

Fixed that for you


This is great, but why in May?


Clemency isn’t a legal status though, I don’t think, you’d have to have a very twisted sense of logic to claim this isn’t an example of showing clemency.



I guess since she only really started transitioning once in prison (and iirc largely in solitary isolation) there’s was no possibility of a more recent photo, not that she’d actually be able to present as female in military prison anyway.


they could just not use a photograph of a person before they transitioned without their consent…


Yeah I have no idea of what’s really construed as proper conduct in these circumstances, I’d like to think if Manning wanted the photo removed there would be avenues for her to do but perhaps, as I think you’re alluding to, the guideline should just not be to use photos of trans* people before their transition.