I’m working in Gloucester on Saturday but having had a night/overnight stay there a few months ago, I’ve decided to book three nights up the road in Cheltenham. I’m riding solo for this one so any suggestions for things to do, food/drink etc. would be much appreciated. I’ll have my car as well so I can get around if there are any recommendations further afield.

Deya tap room


Yep Deya all the way, although it is at the station and not central. Will be street food on there as well.

Beefy Boys is the place to go if you want a burger. Nagomi is good Korean, and there’s quite a lot of good restaurants but with how bad the trains are I’ve not been able to try them.

Steamhouse is ok, is a bagel and bakery place. This venue might do more, I’ve always preferred their doughnuts over the bagel though.

It’s got an IMAX that is normally fairly quiet in comparison to others.

Brum museum

Yes, DEYA taproom in the industrial estate is a must. If you can time it with a visit from the Wild Pizza Co van then you’re sorted.
If you stay in town you can walk there down the old railway line if you fancy it.

The Railway, The Vine and The Swan are a mini chain of nice pubs. The Thai food in The Swan is very highly thought of but I thought it was overpriced crap (I am spoiled by having a great Thai kitchen in my local in London). Had dim sum in The Vine once though and that was very good. The Railway has a nice garden if it’s sunny during your visit. Think that one does pizza but…
The Bottle of Sauce does excellent pizza and their own beer (which is pretty good).
I like Hub Box for a bit of fast food too. There’s one in this undercover mall thing called The Brewery Quarter (which, just for info, seems like it would be best to avoid on the Saturday night you are there. It’s a bit lads lads lads but ultimately fine)

For breakfast / lunch spots try Boston Tea Party (the iced coffee is incredible) and Woodkraft

Pitville Park is nice for a stroll too

For food & drinks I recommend this small bar just off the Highstreet :

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Going to have to pay this a visit next time, looks really good

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definitely worth it. a nice friendly place and you can even pop a record on :slight_smile:

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