Cherie Blair's dad's dead

I do love this old TV show that he was in.

Was always mildly amusing when he cropped up in those 1970s sex comedies like Confessions of a Window Cleaner that they used to show on Channel 5.


My mother always made a point of saying Cherie Blair was this man’s daughter. I have no idea why I needed this information repeatedly drilled into my head.

Mate, as a 14 year old boy with a TV in my bedroom and no access to the internet, I took my tits wherever I could find them. If that meant staying up late on a Friday night to watch Channel 5’s erotic offerings, then goddam it, that’s what I was willing to do.

RIP Tony Booth, never forgotten.


I was old enough to have Dream On on C4 and it was also funny so…

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I think we can shut this down now.

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No i for one want to hear more about teenage theo’s wanking habits


Thread idea #23,974

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I’m old enough to remember him in 'Til Death. RIP, Scouse Git.

This is what my best mate would refer to as The Friday Night Toss Movie. Hard to believe but I did have a mate back then.

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