Chernobyl - Sky/HBO Mini-Series

New one will be called New Pope.

It’s pretentious as fuck but there’s some real good stuff in there. Although parts are bonkers it isn’t as cocaine-crazy as it appeared in the ads.

Ah you’re right! Really don’t think they should bring back Young Pope but I suppose it could be good.

Apparently HBO want a season 2 of The Night Of but the creator hasn’t agreed to as of yet.

season 2 as in extending the story, or a new story? I thought The Night Of was absolutely amazing at times (the pilot/first episode in particular is maybe the best 60 mins of TV up until Chernobyl Ep5), but it also fell apart at times and the story was pretty resolved… and it was stretched over 8(?) eps.

Anyone else reading Midnight in Chernobyl

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this ain’t the twin peaks thread pal


Apparently it would be something with John Turturro’s character, presumably after the events of season 1.

Yeah I agree completely, the first half of The Night Of is really special but it becomes increasingly generic as it goes on, with some ill-judged ways of wrapping if up at the end. Still v good though!

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Went to Pripyat last year and it was incredible, but the documentary they show you on the way there shat me up quite a bit and this show is doing the same. The radiation effects make-up is incredible, the sound editing is incredible, just the whole thing is incredibly moving and profound and terrifying.

Absolutely mad that people lived through the fear of nuclear war in the 80s but they don’t talk about that, just get scared of stupid bullshit like potholes in the road and building new houses


V happy to talk about it


My dad was on the local civil defence committee in the 80s. He had a place in a bunker. His family did not.

He suffered nightmares about this, unsurprisingly.


It is nuts, isn’t it, that they would show such a documentary when travelling on the coach into the exclusion zone. Was a real ‘seriously, wtf are we doing?’ moment.

No health and safe at Pripyat either (I know, it’s not exactly the safest place to be, right?). When looking through the remains of people’s lives in one of apartment blocks I remember being led up onto the roof, which was 15 stories up with no guard rail around the top. A gust of wind could have easily blown us off.

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How can people even go to Pripyat? Surely youre guaranteeing cancer

Nah. Unless you actually touch something heavily irradiated you’re not going to get a high dose of radiation for being there for a few hours.


Oh, well that’s ok then…*

Not for me, Clive.

(But I definitely get the intrigue thing and can understand people going there.)

*I’m being silly. Kinda. Zygotic’s rooftop elf n’ safety mention nudges me into the 'Aye, I see what you’re saying about it being ok, but, y’know, I’ll give it a swerve for now, ta… camp.

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Yeah, you don’t have to do very much prodding with people of a certain age to get a strikingly regular I was frit as fuck response.

Same kinda applies for HIV/AIDS, too.


Remember very vividly an aids leaflet coming through our letterbox. I read most of it then my mum snatched it out of my hands. Didnt really understand it, but it scared me.

Remember living in constant fear aged about 8-13 wrt nuclear war. Ramped up in that timeframe as i understood more. The russian attempted coup/Yeltsin on the tank was terrifying. Convinced that was going to be it.

Fucking 80s, man.

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Take it back a generation:
My mum remembers her whole school being taken on to the school playing fields during the Cuban missile crisis.

They were told to close their eyes and pray: headmaster started saying ‘there’s a chance none of us will be here tomorrow…

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Not sure if I remember the leaflet but I defo remember the TV advert(s).

Heavy stuff for a pre-teen that understands the words but not the context.

Similarly, this, which was a step into harsh reality that wasn’t there in the yer average cassette inlay card of the time:

Got the gravitas being communicated, but it was about a world I had no real comprehension of, so it was all a bit bewildering.

Also, of that era, the famines in Ethiopia/Africa, and the Live Aid and news reporting. Definite end of times vibes. Maybe that’s part of the End of History thing that took hold when the iron curtain came down.

Back to nuclear business… here’s ya Protect and Survive booklet that often gets mentioned by people that were shat up by it all.

Really must get around to watching Threads one day, too. Also, The Day After.




'kin 'ell. :worried:

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