Chernobyl - Sky/HBO Mini-Series

I showed that aids one to a young person about ten years ago and she didn’t really understand why they were making it sound so serious and felt aids/hiv was no big deal anymore.

My initial reaction to this was massive :open_mouth: but had to go away and think about it a lot.

Understand a wee bit more now that it is not a death sentence and by ramping up the seriousness we are making people that are affected by it to feel like outcasts/the great unwashed but clearly those adverts and a whole load of tv/film/newspaper storylines (driven of course by a whole range of prejudices ) had done a number on my psyche in terms of how I perceive the disease - but sorting out my ignorance has helped.

It was a real moment of generational shift where I had to examine my perceptions and how they had been shaped. Newspaper coverage of the condition in the 80s and early 90s was fucking appalling.

Glad that medical science has made so much progress with it. Hopefully one day it will be viewed just like any other treatable condition by every generation.



We went into an apartment block and onto the roof, a school and the gymnasium/indoor swimming pool.

Surprised they wouldn’t let you in for that reason. Can’t imagine they’re anymore unstable than they were 4 years ago…

Sounds like you might have gone to a different bit to us. I reckon it’s because Chernobyl tourism has increased since then, so they’re probably a lot more wary of health and safety

You’re not allowed to stay there for too long and are told not to sit on the earth etc as that is where most of the radiation is. You have to go through multiple radiation checks when you leave to make sure your radiation levels are sufficiently low, if not then you have to have your shoes cleaned before trying again etc.

I can literally smell the radiation on you from here


Possibly. Pre this HBO series, I guess it wasn’t as popular an attraction as it is now…there were only a dozen of us in the coach heading out there and we were the only people there in the exclusion zone and Pripyat.

You’ve made me remember that the highest level of radiation was on the ground. We kept being told not to stray off the paths into the grass. Our guide put his Geiger counter near to a patch of grass and the needle went crazy.


Cher Nobyl by Cher Nobyl.

Fairly simple and nuclear physics are not the most common of bedfellows :rofl:

Going to rewatch and listen to the podcast alongside

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Just finished this myself. Utterly incredible and absolutely fucking heartbreaking. Everyone with an interest in the show should read it.

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It’s incredible isn’t it? Easily one of the best books I’ve ever read.

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Just ordered it


Added this to my wishlist when I saw this post and just got round to buying it. 50 pages in and loving it so far.

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Thought this was pretty good, although some of the anti-Commie stuff was a bit on the nose. Like that moustache twirling local administrator who says “I used to work in a shoe factory and now I’m in charge. Here’s to the workers of the world.” before raising his glass of vodka, I mean come on.

Stellan Skarsgård was brilliant, real presence.

Got one more episode tonight to finish off a rewatch. Been watching it and then listening to the official podcast (which I’d really recommend). Such an incredible piece of TV. Definitely worth the rewatch as picked up on a lot more this time around

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Yeah planning to give it another watch along with the podcast once I’ve read Chernobyl Prayer.
Gonna wait for the days to get a bit longer first though :grimacing::grimacing:

Are they doing a second series or what?

chernobyl 2 - but from the perspective of the reactor.


Watched this all on a flight recently
Good thing to watch all of on a flight

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