Chess (rolling)


I’ve been trying to learn how to play for a while, but progress seems quite slow. Thought it might be an idea to arrange an online tournament and have a rolling thread for tips and advice and ad-hoc games, etc, etc…



sicilian defence


Thought we could have a knockout tournament to get us going. I use this site (, you don’t have to register and and there’s an easy tool where you just generate a short link to the game and give it to your opponent, etc.

So for now just like this post if you’re interested, we’ll do a random draw and maybe play best of three?


One thing i’m particularly interested in is using my rooks to more effect offensively. I always end up using them as defensive protection and have rarely if ever got into a situation of using them properly on the other half of the board…


play me (haven’t played in about 15 years)


I’m so bad at chess, I’m so focussed on my strategy I’m completely blindsided by my opponent, at the games area at end of the road festival some little child played me, totally thrashed me


cmon, I’m really shit, someone click. :disappointed_relieved:


In the words of rivers cuomo ‘chess is such a difficult game, so many pieces’


we could design a DiS chess set


3D chess :smiley:


btw, whoever i’m playing, i placed my king on the wrong square, so the victory is void.


love these


Clever game.

But I can’t stand playing it.






this is hilarious :smiley:


I was going to start a thread about the current World Cup (WORLD CUP) tournament atm but felt ashamed to do so. Thank you for highlighting this thread, friend.


play pretty regularly, not good or owt but can impart wisdom, point in the direction of good learning materials. Great game.


:smiley: who was it that played me?