Chester Bennington of Linkin Park dead



Holy shit

Made a large part of my teenage life did Linkin Park so this news is shocking. RIP


TMZ, though

Avoid any mention of the method in headlines as this inadvertently promotes and perpetuates common methods of suicide.


Consequence Of Sound have put in the headline as well


I listened to Hybrid Theory so often as a young teenager I genuinely thought I’d wear out the CD. It’s probably the record I’ve listened to most in my life thanks to that.


Bennington long struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. He recently lost a close friend in Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, who died by suicide in April. Bennington sang “Hallelujah” at Cornell’s funeral. Incidentally, today would have been Cornell’s 53rd birthday.



:frowning:️ probably not incidental eh




Sheesh. RIP.


Fuck, Hybrid Theory was probably THE biggest album for my generation :anguished:


Was never into them myself but bet I’ve heard that record a much as some of my ATDs. He did have a pretty great voice, poor lad.


that album was everywhere, I bet there’s very few people in their late twenties who didn’t hear it repeatedly for a couple of years after it came out


Was really hoping this was fake news. Such a waste of life…I hate how one person’s suicide motivates another. Someone very close to me hanged himself less than a year ago which was in turn less than a year after one of his work colleagues had killed herself. All he could think of was that he was in still in pain but she wasn’t any longer. No matter how many times we tried to help him he couldn’t get that thought out of his head.
…anyway RIP Chester Bennington


fucking hell


Oops, started a social board thread. Anyway, very sad


In The End is an incredible, incredible tune!
But the lyrics seem so poignant right now.

So sad!


Fuck. I was around my sisters for my youngest nephews birthday. The eldest who’s 13 and likes Linkin Park, came in and told me. Had to give him a hug as he looked quite upset about it.


TMZ in ‘being cunts’ shocker

This is horribly sad


Awful news. I’m sure they were a gateway band to many on here. RIP


jesus, man. just awful. :frowning:

I haven’t been into them for years, the band have been pretty much a non-factor in my life since 2004 or something, so this isn’t sinking in yet. first band I ever saw live when I was 15.