Chewing Gum Thread [chewing]



Happy New Year!

Two questions to help us start 2018 in style.

Do you chew chewing gum?
What do you call it?


Very occasionally.

Sometimes I call it “chud”. Normally I call it chewing gum" though.


I very rarely chew gum, but usually have some with me in case I eat something oniony or drink red wine. Or in case my mouth just feels bit on the mank.



only if im a bit hungover, find it helps



GF calls is “chuddy”, so there’s a theme


Chewing Gum.

It’s so gross. Why would anyone want to chew gum?




I have one every morning so I don’t breathe stale coffee breath over the kids in my class.


No. I’ll have a mint instead.

(I hate the sound of people chewing gum, and if they do it while opening their mouth it makes me feel ill.)


I like the wrigleys long thing ones
Just call it gum because I’m not from the moors


Only in the privacy of my own office. With the door closed.

“Chewing gum”


Ditto. Chewing gum.


I call it chewing gum.

Used to chew a lot, for years. Would always have some on me.

I have no idea when this tailed off but it’s probably in the last year and without any kind of conscious decision. Hmm, mysterious.


That thing football managers subscribe to about chewing improving your concentration:

  • True, good science
  • Tosh

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I was going to do a very funny John Toshack joke here but it would be wasted on you so for the benefit of sports fans please pretend I have done that.


Hahaha. “Toshack”. Classic.


For the really adult proper people who call it “chewing gum”, is that what you called it at school?