Chewsday MORNING Thread

Morning. Somehow managing to be on my 18th hour of work and it is only Tuesday.


Going to London London

V and A
Mooch about to places as yet undecided


Happy Tuesday everyone. I’m rather lacking in plans for today. I might see if I can get a haircut at lunchtime but that’s literally it.

Off to Paultons park and it is PISSING it down. #die


Got up earlier than i intended so just having a chill morning watching frasier, drinking cwoffee and eating a bagel. Omg niles and lilith have just woken up in bed together!!! :scream: havent had a bagel in ages, glad to be back on my bullshit.

Boss is in today so need to do some work and pretend to be a professional, hardworking employee. Ffs.

Feeling better, but it’s due to rain soon, so not leaving the house with 2 toddlers is going to be grim. Will make some sauces today I think. Listening to Bury Me At Makeout Creek for the first time. Good innit. Whatever happened to Mitski?

Fucked it. Got in at 4



Feeling really tired and fed up of being broken :disappointed:

Kids both had friends around for a sleepover. I should be working by now, but instead I’m a one man pancake factory.


Morning lovely squirrels

Woke up dizzy, woke up late. Going to drink water all day, like I’m on a drip.

Got a funeral this morning then back to work i guess.


Brain isn’t cooperating today at all



Got up early as got friend coming round after my midwife appt at 11am, so really need tidy house a bit but currently sat on sofa drinking a pint of water and contemplating a hot cross bun.

Rest of day will be doing very little. As little as possible. :blush:

Morning all!

I slept for close to 11 hours last night so am feeling quite human.

Latters Flizzle still positive though. Everyone else in the house doesn’t have rona any more so I’m not totally sure why they’re still here.

I’ll be hanging around the house all day as is my requirement.

2 meetings today, 2 more than i can be arsed with

Oh god just looked at my bank app, i spent so much money last night on absolute nonsense.

Fuck my life

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Could it please get warmer so I don’t have to choose between being freezing and having money? ty.

It’s shorts and hoodie weather, lads. Not warm enough for just a tee, but just the right weather to get the pins out.

I’m also listening to Bob James. You should too…

Morning all!

It’s my final day in my job and then I have almost a month off before starting at my new place. There’s also basically no-one in the office because the place closes for Easter tomorrow, so I think I’ve managed to avoid a leaving do/painful speeches as well.

waynes world thumbs up GIF


Oh god I’ve got a meeting today where I need to remind myself about governing laws in the one place I don’t want to have to think about them: