Chewsday MORNING Thread

Thinking of coming out of my two week quarantine and going for a haircut

Inching towards the long weekend with gritted teeth, in denial of the fact that after a brief respite of four days off, I will once again be enslaved by capitalism.

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Morning :wave:

Slept in my massive cardigan last night again. What’s going on.

People being noisy in the stairwell, I feel like I’m turning into that actual witch bitch who is all like “keep it down!!! Shakes fist”

Oh well.

Woke up at 5am and was subsequently kept awake by my neighbour’s snoring.


wasn’t that yesterday?

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Frustratingly, I’m not by myself in the office today.

This means I cannot:

  • Yell “Can’t get enough o’ that Sugar Crisp! I guess I forgot to put the fog lights in!”
  • Go out onto the balcony and goad the seagulls, or try and do faces at the train as it passes the bridge
  • Blast out “THIS IS A CERTIFIED HOOD CLASSIC” at full volume every time I do anything
  • Yell that I hate my job at random points of the day

ah dude that sucks, could ask them to take pity on you for a refund


They’re showing how hot cross buns are made on this morning after the break. Can’t see the day improving to be honest.

Got 3 days left at work before birthday/easter/roadburn fun so really can’t be fucked. and it’s raining.

i would most likely have done the same if that helps :hugs:

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if it helps, i saw them on the last tour and they did play a few classics but played loads from anastasis which nobody cares about. played a few from spiritchaser as well which the crowd went absolutely wild for but i’m not really into that stuff at all. very like love and light and patchoulli and whatnot. needs more older goth bangers imo.

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Spilt coffee on the rug

10 Magners for £6 from ASDA! That doesn’t seem right does it?

Excited to see @shrewbie 's new do

Have the boiler engineer coming around at some point today after five days of no heating or hot water.
Hopefully it’ll be a quick easy fix so I can then travel down to see my niece and her gorgeous 3 year old boy who I’ve only met once ffs!

I am still in so so much pain after Saturday. Rincage is inflamed and i feel super sickly in general.

Drink that much
Ever again… forget how low my tolerance is these days as i dont drink nearly as much as i used to

Really, inhumanely busy, lads. Someone come and be my assistant for a bit.

On a train. The socket at my table ifsn’t working.

problem with trying to make the case for more working from home flexibility is that the single strongest argument I can muster up is “MATE, WANKING THO”

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I honestly just do not give a darn anymore. Not a jot.