Wassup? Back to work for everyone right?

I just voted in the General Election. Today is going to be a bit hectic. Also very weird at my work at the moment because one of my friends lost his job as tings ‘weren’t working out’. It came as a surprise to him - I feel a bit like if you lose your job for ‘performance reasons’ it should be at the point where it’s not really coming as a big surprise. He moved from the US to Stockholm to take that job so it’s a bit of a kicker.

How are you today? What’s new?


First day back in work for over two weeks. So obviously I slept terribly and have been awake since 6am.

If work isn’t too hectic on my return, I’m hopefully going to see OOIOO tonight. Never seen them before, so looking forward to it

WFH. Getting swamped by a big proposal still. Could really do with a week where I can just focus on project work.

Climbing with one of my brothers this evening which should be good fun.

oooh I’ve not seen them before but I’d love to.

Hi and hello! Our toilet is broken yet again. I feel like I’ve got a curse because they always decide to break when I use them! I think the bf is suspicious but I seriously didn’t do a thing out of the ordinary with it!!!

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Still really hot here. Not enjoying wearing smart shoes and black polyester trousers when it’s like this. They’ve asked me to come in from 9 for the next few days but I’m pretty sure I’ll still be leaving at 8ish.

Feeling a bit tired this morning - just wasn’t tired last night and ended up staying up far later than normal.

Roads were deserted. Think it took me longer to get to work on Sunday than it did this morning.

The boss is back from 2 and a bit weeks off today, nothing has gone wrong in his absence so instead I can expect a phone call a bit later on asking why an email from 12 days wasn’t replied to… :confused:

Day 7 of 8…

Really tired

It’s raining in Spain :weary:

Happy National Drive Ten Miles An Hour Below The Speed Limit For Absolutely No Fucking Reason Day, everybody! And a very special shout out to the lad who caused half a mile of slow traffic by doing 45 mph on the motorway, while on his phone. Really getting into the spirit of things there.


There was a guy doing that on the M25 yesterday. At 8pm, in dark cloud, with his headlights off.

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Really considered calling in sick so i could keep playing zelda. Sigh. Went back to sleep after #pigeongate this morning and havent had time for coffee yet. Ffs.

The colleague who always patronises me is working out of my office today. My only work goal today is to make it through the day without telling them to fuck off.

Morning all. Not feeling work at all today. Going to see Sara Pascoe tonight,

In 2017 there was the incident with the pigeon.


Morning all. Took today off like a savvy bastard.

Gonna head to the Olympic park for a spin around the road circuit. May pop to the British Library for the Russian Revolution exhibition later. Seeing Harmonium or Frantz at the Picturehouse tonight.

Also, today is my Thursday, because on actual Thursday I’m off to the biggest penoid event of the year to play 1-3 days of Netrunner, depending on how well I do. And I booked Monday off too, because fuck it.

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Just checked my pockets, the last time I wore this jacket I was having a much better time than I am right now :sob:


Couple of things to report:

  • Burnt my thumb on my hair straighteners this morning
  • I did a double class yesterday and it seems to have killed my thighs but I didn’t realize until I walked down the stairs at the station how much pain I am in
  • Whilst walking down the stairs insanely slowly, I felt a flap of fabric hit my neck a lot so I just thought it was someones scarf flapping about but nope, it was my skirt. I’d exposed myself to a lot of commuters at old street station.