Hello everyone. I’m Tired. Woken up by foxes again, they’re going for it at the moment.

What does today bring? I might go watch Don’t Breathe at the cinema later.


Wotcha. Good to be up before the heatwave gets waving. Gonna make music and play football and run some errands and might see Captain Fantastic later. Everyone remember your pocket fans today


Morning SSF, S, G
Just one fox in our garden this morning, so a peaceful night for me. Your current travails remind me of the foxes sketch in Monkey Dust. Quite NSFW but very apt _

For me, today is work, climb, dinner, bed.


Hello. Forgot I agreed to do some professional volunteering today - which is very important to me - so I’ll be running up and down the country (i.e. between Cambridge and London) like a fanny to fit it around very important business meetings in the world of business.

Might have a burrito tonight as a reward.


I’m in the Hague. It is lovely and sunny


Morning - going in to work early, got a big event to prep for, so need to get other stuff done. Probably working late :frowning:

@stupidsexyflanders - I saw Don’t Breathe at the weekend, actually a lot better than some horror films of that ilk; bit odd in places, some horror clichés. One of the kids looks like a young Alan Ruck.




Gonna have another self care day today :smile_cat::cat2::tiger2::pig2::dog::sheep::bouquet::eggplant::hamburger::ice_cream::gift::bath::lipstick:

I’m gonna have a healthy breakfast, go into town and buy new shoes, either go for a swim or a cycle in the park, return my library books, give my friend my baking trays and plants, eat a healthy lunch, cuddle my cat, maybe bake something.

Also found out my longest serving friend is moving to the same city as me :grin:


My outfit today



Work innit. Had the best three day weekend in ages.

Need to clean my bike later.


Off to work late as I was on a conference call past midnight last night


I’m in the office by myself so I’m peak casual :sunglasses:


Cool dress DB :slight_smile:


Starting to get hot out there already…

Have one month and one day left on my contract in my current role and cannot wait for it to end - so very, very bored. In happier news, off to see L7 tonight - their gig at Electric Ballroom last year was my favourite show of 2015 so I am expecting to have fun…


I’ve got a “Commercial Awareness” training day all day, and then straight to a band practice for my friends’ wedding tonight. Feeling weirdly low today, so the training could either be a welcome distraction from my own thoughts or an absolute catastrophe.


Mornin all, it’s really stuffy today.
I have lots of very boring things I need to do today, so no doubt be on here talking shite and wasting time.


WORK. Need to go out for a run at lunchtime. Gonna be hot.


I’m into that. The reviews made it sound right up my street.

Fact about Alan Ruck: he only got the part in Ferris Bueller because Emilio Estevez turned it down! He would have been a bit rubbish I think.


Good lad. I’m also in shorts.


that sounds like an awesome day bd