Iya. Yawright?


Off to a team meeting in Christchurch this morning, BBQ lunch and a coast walk for the afternoon. Should be an ok day.


morning tilty, carrion, rich and those who have yet to post

went up to my happy place after i finished work, enclosed are some photographs

it is a stunning morning that’s for sure


oh yeah then i went to the village and got a big fry for my big belly :yum::yum::yum::yum::yum:


Morning, cat slept very firmly on my feet for apparently the entire night.

On the first cheap train of the day to London. Usually I get later ones and get to sit in the nicer seats, no such luck today.

Having a hopefully very precautionary ECG :crossed_fingers:


mornin’. just having coffee and a sausage bagel.

there’s builders in the flat above me. so far theyve knocked a nail through my bedroom wall, turned my power off so all the food in my fridge and freezer went bad, and today i woke up to water leaking down through the ceiling. want to get out of here for a bit but im afraid of whats gonna happen if im not here keeping an eye on it.

guess ill put headphones on loud and hope for the best :woozy_face:

Very envious of this! What part of the coast bounce you walking?

Morning all :wave:

In my way to London for my last meeting with [redacted] before I leave. I’ve been asked to lead the “wellbeing” slot at the end of the day so I’m sending everyone on a photo scavenger hunt, and have arranged it so I get to sit in a café while they all go roaming around the city.


Little 'un kept waking up last night - we think she’s got something on her mind and I was on duty so my sleep has been very broken, which I am not used to after the sleep trainer helped us sort stuff out.

Got loads on again today, bit panicked about a big bit of work that needs delivering in 3 weeks time.

Morning all,

just had a cheese toastie made with tiger bread. Think it was the first time and the tiger crust really came into it’s own. delicious.

I was unreasonably grumpy this morning so need to apologise to the kids later i reckon.

Have fun out there fools x

listening to Mono and writing passive aggressive emails

Cat Working GIF

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We’re down on Stanpit, so maybe out to mudeford I’d assume. Gonna be done by 3.30, so doubt it’s gonna be too far.

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Hope everything’s ok!



Last proper day in Barcelona. Having a coffee . We are going for a nice lunch at a place recommend by @ghostly then I hope I’ll finally get to go in the sea



Wearin’ my new t-shirt which just arrived thanks @Aggpass for sorting me out

Need a coffee I think.


One of the very few good things about working shifts is that if the film is short enough and is being shown early enough you can watch a film before work, so I’m off to see Reality (83 mins) before work today. Lovely stuff

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Morning all!

The Child’s actual birthday morning was quite sedate but she hasn’t opened any of her gifts yet so it stands to get more exciting. She has requested pizza for tea followed by a trip back to school for an inflatable assault course they’ve hired for fundraising purposes.

I’m currently marking exam scripts because my sole Tuesday student is working at home. I was hoping to avoid the lunch event organised by my manager because I’m meant to be working to rule but (apparently) some of my students are bringing cards for me and I now feel guilt-tripped into attending.

I’m hoping to be up to 80/160 completed scripts by lunch. The Team Leader said I was making his job easy by being so consistent, which is nice, reassuring feedback. I’ve just been whacking numbers in at random since then.


Meant to be at work until 2 but someone is covering the last bit of my job, so a cheeky early finish it is. Off tomorrow and Thursday too. Lovely stuff.

Get home. Walk dog. Play some video games, I reckon.

Was down for a horrible job on Saturday but my annual leave request has been granted for that too. Everything’s coming up foxy!

Good morning everybody! :wave:

It’s Elliot Page book day! Go out and buy it and support our boi why don’t you?


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