:smiley: thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m fairly sure it’s an IKEA frame - though the only square IKEA frames I can see are 32x32 which doesn’t seem big enough to me. Whatever it is isn’t a perfect fit as the sides are sort of chopped off a very tiny bit but I guess that’s preferable to paying loads for a custom frame!

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O neat, thanks! I never saw square frames in IKEA when I went in so I guessed they didn’t do em but they must’ve just not had them in stock



oh my god someone help me do some actual work, there’s loads of it


Just did a 60 mph half mile long horizontal zipline.

It was fine, but it’s no Zelda game.


Thought they’d at least have a bus down there by now.

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It’s like the Dark Ages, honestly


Pistachio baklava, sundried tomato houmous, olives, sundried tomatoes, cheese kunafa, Turkish delight. I have no idea what the bottle of gel is in the middle. It was wrapped up like it was put in deliberately.


Think Mrs Fox might have taken his collar to work with her…

There will be no walkies, I’ll tell the dog.

Pulled a sickie today, couldn’t handle work

i am on a full detox for the next few weeks and i’m feeling PUMPED about it. Very summer vibes.

fuuuuuccck me i should never get put in the position of trying to get people/companies paid. i am USELESS.

Are the boards still going to be moving to a different site? What’s happening with that then? Had thought that I’d be a mere whisper of a ghost in the wind of all your memories by now.


Alright, had 4 quotes for decorating our hall, stairs and landing, lowest is £625, mid-are both £850 mark and the highest is £1250 and that’s with £400 off for mate’s rates!) That’s got to be taking the fucking piss, surely - I’m guessing they don’t want to do it. We’ve even bought the paint as well.

Reviews are good for 3 of the quotes, one of the mid-range ones has no ratings (contacted them because they were in town and saw their name on a van).

BBQ time. Such a weird job.


you’re having a bbq?

get me your job plis

This ^

I’ve put in a request to HR and have made it part of my new job description that finance/invoicing (and any logistic nonsense) is not to come to me :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Surely you don’t want someone with dyscalculia handling this? If they push back i just honestly show them how long it took me last time. Not having it that my role as a researcher/creative ideas sort of person means i should also be able to use the other side of my brain as effectively. Biggest swizz ever that, job roles covering all skills like everyone who did well at maths also did as well at art.


It’s eat the freezer week so I get to have breaded chicken salad for lunch :drooling_face:

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Just going to nip the dog out.
Had a fake fishfinger sandwich for lunch. Too real tasting for me, so will avoid in future.
Then some music stuff later.
Then finish the day up with the lone can of beer in the fridge.
Similar day to the King I’d imagine (though probably real fish fingers).