Chia pudding


I bloody love chia pudding. I had a ridiculous chia bowl on holiday and I have been thinking about it ever since. Given chia seeds have basically no taste I am not sure what I like about it so much (the coconut milk? the texture? who knows) but yeah. I am going to start making it at home.

I know this thread is incredibly niche but let’s hear it for chia pudding.


Good pornstar/drag queen name

Never heard of it


*chia dessert


looks like frogspawn

think it’s one of these health food fads but I fucking love it


Just had to explain to my colleague what I was laughing about.


Reminds me of that freaky toad


Nope, thanks


what the hell is chia pudding, m8?



yes but what is it?





I’m KIND of into it but not loads.
I have chia seeds in my smoothies tho. Just a tea spoon cause it’s got omega 3 in.

Or if I was doing bircher museli or overnight oats, i’d chuck some in.

These are quite nice

Also get your chia from Tesco. £1.50 a pack. I decant them into a huge kilner jar.


how to make


you soak chia seeds in something like coconut / almond milk for a few hours then top it with whatever

also fao @japes


mix milk and chia seeds

little bit leave it


amma do it


I got a massive pack from Aldi for a quid. Dunno what’s best to soak them in. Almond milk?


It’s crazy how much Chiat seeds have come down in price over the last few years. They used to be about £5 a pack.



It’s good with chocolatey milk. A bit like a mousse, but not really