Childhood duvets



Someone was talking about this yesterday and I was waiting for the thread but NOTHING.

I had these when I was little:


Oh my God I had that exact Thomas one!!! Nostalgia overload!!!


Had a teenage mutant ninja turtles one, got it at christmas.

I went round to a friend’s house to drink vodka before a gig when we were about 18 and had a he-man one on his bed, it was the reserve one.


I had a Thunderbirds one.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently, funny enough. The pillow used to make a sort of constant grinding sound when you put your ear to it. I used to think it was just the feathers (or whatever) on the inside, “settling down”. I never told my parents about it. But I bet that if I had, they’d have cut it open to find it full of maggots.


I just had a John Lewis one in a crazy pattern.


One more for the Thomas duvet :smiley:


i can’t find it now, I’m pretty sure that the desing was in a sewer or subway and they we’re all fighting/skateboarding.


Yes! I meant to start this thread but didn’t get round to it.

I had this one. In fact, my dad still has it and my nephew slept under it at Christmas :slight_smile:


me three!


paddington and mr men, can’t find the exact designs. Also terrible 90s designs graphical type

My kids still use the star wars, ET and superman covers that were Mr S’s which his Mum saved for all these years :slight_smile:
ALWAYS wanted this one, never got it though…


I remember this one, I think i might’ve wanted it a bit too.


my sister had that dog one (it also came in blue I think)


OMG everyone had that bloody pink dog one!!!


I had this one.


Desperately trying to find an online source of Man Utd duvet sets from the mid-90’s and not having a lot of joy


I had this Transformers one:

My brother had the same He-Man one that Father Dougal has:


think i was the only lass at my school who didnt have this


Can’t find the Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero Turtles one I had. Or the Coca-Cola one. Or the Roda JC one.


Had both of those! :smiley:


was yours the same as mine?