Childish Gambino 2020

Well this is nice Sunday listening

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Never really been a fan of his outside This is America and Redbone but this does sound pretty good!

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Might be brilliant or a bit too clever for its own good. Ask me again in a couple of days.

I absolutely love this

I’m a bit behind the curve here, haven’t heard or seen anything he’s done in any medium other than the first two seasons of community, but this album blew me away, it really does sound fantastic. First play impressions are that this will be near the top of the AotY lists.

This year is really delivering in the music stakes; not so much in other aspects.

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I can’t really make my mind up about it. It’s very skilfully done but seems to lack truly memorable songs. When I’m listening to it I enjoy it but when I stop listening to it instantly forget it. I don’t find myself desperately wanting to listen to it again. I’ve listened to the whole thing three or four times waiting for it to grab me but it hasn’t happened yet.

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19.10, 35.51 and 53.49 are the standouts for me but otherwise it pretty much just floats by - nice, but not much more

Only given it an initial listen and in the background so not ideal but it is incredibly skilfully done isn’t it - like he has this ability to reference and draw on a myriad of influences and pull them all together into something coherent and perfectly executed in their own right. Whether that translates into emotional engagement is another thing. I think I liked Awaken, My Love more than the general consensus (or on DiS at any rate) so definitely want to give this one some time.

I really liked Awaken, My Love too - it had great songs though, which I’m not sure this one does.