Childish Gambino - "Awaken, My Love!"

Not sure what to make of this, exactly, but I think I hate it.

was trying to figure out what it reminded me of and it’s basically a bad version of Van Hunt’s alb from last year ‘The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets.’ Which, is a total trip and totally awesome and isn’t… uh, fake.

idk, redbone off this album is good. I just can’t take this thing seriously. Some of it is just embarrassing. Atlanta is a really good show tho.

I like a lot of it, certainly more than his rap music but it’s hard to listen to anything he does without it feeling cynical. Questlove said he woke D’Angelo up at 4am in the morning to listen to it cos he was so hyped. Can’t imagine D was as impressed.

i need to add qualifiers cause i fucken love annette peacock and i don’t love this. it’s mostly the way the vocal FX are played with and the sort of ramshackality of the band that formed that link in my head i think - the sound is defo the best thing on the album. doesn’t have that central force of personality to it though. he doesn’t help himself using a load of different vocal styles… bit moody & nebulous calling things “record collection rock” but it does feel that way. songs are a bit weak too, mostly.

worthwhile listen though eh. redbone is 11/10.

@incandenza @tricklenipple would be interested to hear your thoughts on that Van Hunt record I mentioned. Feel like recent Bilal is a good comp for this new CG album too.

def, will stick it on my phone for work tomorrow. just listened to the first track - i like the audio space or whatever, dropping the high percussion in and out works really well when there’s not a lot of mid.

not a lot of mid range instruments anyway

IT’s def a flawed album but there are some stunning moments. Old Hat, Headroom, If I Wanna Dance w u, Let it Soak n

Def better than his other music. This sounds like it wants to be a d’angelo album.

quite enjoying this. never heard any of his other music so can’t comment on that angle. Not sure I get the criticism that it’s a pastiche of P-Funk. It’s funky, sure, but sounds like he’s doing his own thing with mixing that with soul and modern tweaks. And George Clinton’s such a master freak genius that more people should be influenced by him anyway.

Love the opening three tracks. As mentioned in the OP, California is bizarre and pretty terrible, but I feel like it might be one of those ridiculous songs I could grow to love, or at least flip flop between loving and hating.
The wonky keys on Baby Boy are groovy.

Given it a listen and I quite like it, although some of it feels a bit silly on a first listen. It’s like he took whatever he was doing on Urn on Because The Internet and developed that. I prefer his more R&B stuff anyway so I’ll give it a few more spins.

I don’t get this at all.

album of two halves for me -
A side - bass guitar is ON
B side - bass guitar is gone :frowning:

seriously, that is some roiling playing. especially teach me a new language - can’t find the bassists name anywhere, any idea?

so yeah for the first 7 tracks or so i was well into it. always been more into the meters’ lineage of funk than pfunk stuff and the band really know what they’re doing.
he does some interesting stuff with it too - heard a lot of unexpected references to alt rock/white music after a few listens: she stays with me sounds like a tip to fugazi!? maybe; bit of talk talk on another track i can’t remember; pedestal really sounds like a radiohead song to me - would be genuinely surprised if that one wasn’t intentional - the bass is uncanny for colin greenwood.

was grasping about in that last post for what the production reminds me of and it might be in rainbows, thinking about it. dunno. will have to listen to it again. sounds great anyway.

then we hit a logjam of ballads on the b side, not like they’re bad tracks in isolation (if i wanna dance with you is a highlight) but the sequencing just makes it feel like a long tail-off to me. rub my feet is a goodun.
thought headroom was fighting it out with puddin’ as the worst song on the record fwiw - is he referencing how much he cribbed the melody from that adele song in the lyrics?

good shout anyway, like you said - flawed but very interesting. will listen to that bilal record some time soon.

Asides from Redbone this album is nothing remarkable.

It won’t be one for the ages. But it’s a 6 or 7 out of 10 instead of a 2 or 3

It’s not bad by any stretch but yeah a little above average. There are moments sprinkled in every song where it clicks (asides from Riot which is just a noisy mess of a song) and Redbone is fantastic but it doesn’t amount to a great album.

Think a few critics got a bit excited when he dropped Red Bone and overrated the album. Definitely got its moments. You’d say he’s got something to build on now but no doubt he’ll get bored of it and make a head scratcher of a rock record next instead of developing the strengths of this sound

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Good stuff, this is pretty accurate but I do love the ballads, plays to my sensibilities a bit. Van Hunt is the bass player!

I like it (California aside). It’s not a masterpiece as some are making out, sure, but it’s pretty interesting and definitely a major step forward from his old stuff. Aside from Redbone, which may well be Tesco of the year, Me & Your Mama and Terrified are the clear standouts. Between this and “Atlanta” Glover has has had a damn good 6 months.

Heard this cover recently and really enjoyed it too. not sure how old it is:

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