Childish things

I used to be fascinated (when I was a child) with the coloured circles on the tab of a cereal box.

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this wasn’t meant to be a jordan thread but that’s what it sort of is



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What’s the most childish thing you own or do or watch or read that you enjoy?

Do other people know? Other than us on here now you’ve confessed…

Is it nostalgia based or did you discover it as a grown up?


I am a very serious person with serious interests only.


Reminded me how much I hate those fucking Haribo adverts

Eat children’s frozen food like potato smiles or Turkey Ds. Alarmingly often
Watch WWE

most childish thing I own is a 6 month old baby. or maybe it’s the 3 year old, because that is a child, whereas the baby is a baby. When is a baby a child? When is a child a baby? When will I sleep again? Where am I?

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Watching and enjoying professional wrestling

Other people know because I am not ashamed of it

It is largely nostalgia based

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Endlessly singing songs that praise me, replacing words with either my name or daddy. Sometimes using songs to denigrate my family.


With that I would probably replace cool with handsome and keep the daddy.

That’s the wrong number of syllables. Boney M would be rolling in its grave.

Syllables? Fuck off, pal. As @meowington said you can crowbar anything into anything if you have fucking mad skills.

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I would like to hear you shoehorn the rap from Turtle Power into the chorus of that Mad World piano cover by Barry Norman or whoever it was.