Children in Need nostalgia and maybe also current goings on thread


You doing anything special for it?
You ever done anything special for it?
Shit for cunts innit (dunno)


Sort of but raises money for probably a good cause so let the attention seekers bathe in Heinz I guess


It’s the funny bit/tragic bit rollercoaster that gets to me, what am I meant to do just take my money Wogan fuck off Wogan


‘Funny bit’


Not for me, Clive. But it’s money for a decent cause, so can’t be too irked about it. My little girl went to nursery in some Pudsey gear. Had to pay 2 quid for the pleasure. Pretty much unavoidable in schools and the like.



take that have let themselves go




probably shouldn’t need corporate charities to deliver some very basic, human rights level funding for children to be honest. But we do!


fucking weird isn’t it

  • children in need
  • red nose day
  • needy third option

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imagine getting irked by Children in Need.


the one where gary linekar calls us all fat



You don’t love me and I know now


You’ve got this all wrong friend I commend all the efforts, just being a bit boisterous about it


prove it by wearing some pudsey ears and posting a selfie. Otherwise I will assume you hate children and charity.


Don’t have a camera phone because I hate children sorry


saw a pudsy at waterloo the other day and almost asked for a hug (really needed a hug)


We don’t have this in Ireland but I was always very interested by it growing up.

I have nothing more to add to this thread.