Children of Alice (James & Roj from Broadcast, Julian House)

Been announced by Warp.

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Well that’s exciting isn’t it.

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I can confirm, yes, it is exciting.


Indeed. The clips sound very witch cult to me, but then they were probably going to without Trish’s vocals. Really good to see he feels ready to record again - it must be really hard to bring yourself to record without your other creative half.

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I wonder why it’s being released on Warp rather than Ghost Box.


I really like this album, like Witch Cults… it’s a compelling, detailed listen. A thrillingly disoriented, haunted collage of sounds – different things sneak up to your attention with each new listen and all that jazz.

One thing I want to say though, is that I have to wait until the house is empty if I want to listen to it through speakers instead of through my headphones because of a particularly strange part of track 3.

I’ve not heard it yet, and I’ve been dying to hear it, and your subtle hint about track 3 has made things particularly irresistible. Please tell me more! Or is this one of those “when it happens you’ll know” things?

I think you’ll know when you hear it but I’ll spoiler tag it anyway

human voices that sound kind of moany and a kind of ‘spanking’ sample

Oh I see. NSFW.

‘spank’ remains an excellent word. Only surprised that BBC’s ‘hit’ spy drama SS-GB doesn’t have a character called Standartenfuhrer Spank.

belatedly discovered this. excellent.