Children's TV



What was your favourite? What did you detest? What were the programmes that your parents tried to ban you from watching?



I had to stop watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons as they gave me nightmares.

25 years old I was


Favourite was probably this

Hated this…

The intro to this upset me so much that my Mum banned it:


the ten-minute free view


Think I was the only child in the world who watched that Belle and Sebastian anime.


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Dogtanian - great intro, bloody boring programme.


There is definitely a sub-thread in this:
Things on TV that shit you up as a kid.

I remember this being rather weird:


I loved it. Even there was a lot of horse-riding and saying “hyaaah!” going on at all times and Juliet got kidnapped every five minutes.


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I watched it. Used to find it fascinating how Belle’s size was constantly changing for some reason.


I mean, how on earth do you choose??

Round the twist
Round the bend (had to watch this round my friend Steve’s)
Willy Fogg
Danger Mouse
Count Duckula
Mysterious cities of gold
Fraggle Rock
All the Hanna Barbera
Henry’s Cat
The Adventure Game
Junior Kickstart
Run the Gauntlet

Wasn’t allowed to watch ITV :frowning:


Tried to avoid the krankies.



This is a lot creepier than I remember it being:

And of course this:

This was the proper fucking business though:


Box of delights was superb


Haven’t seen or heard of most of these before, having not grown up in the UK. We got a lot of Astrid Lindgren stuff which was great (although some were also a bit scary, kids were expected to just toughen up back them I guess…). Also vividly remember a cartoon about a pack of wild animals having to flee from their home in the forest which was both great and fairly traumatic for an entire generation of Norwegian children.


The moonstone, when Minty shouts at a devil statue and everything goes weird (I was terrified of the devil as a kid. Thanks, Christian upbringing!)

The Watchtower

Dr Who, obviously

The Moomins

Newsflashes (always assumed they’d be announcing war/the end of the world)


Our equivalent was animals of farthing wood, which was similarly traumatic.