Children's TV



Wow, Ron Pickering’s had his catchphrase on DiS twice this week now!


I just found CBBC programmes were much better. Knightmare and Behind the Bike Sheds are practically the only CITV programmes I remember watching. Didn’t like anything Cosgrove-Hall did.

Used to be a massive clash between me and my younger brother over the TV. He wanted to watch He-Man on ITV and I wanted to watch Fonz and the Happy Days Gang on BBC1. Question of who got home from school first, really. Anyway, I know which of those two TV shows has stood the test of time…


…and one of the reasons I hated Cosgrove-Hall was because they made this horrible teapot witch who scared me out of my wits…


Can’t believe so many of you pencil necks didn’t like He-Man.

You guys are morally bankrupt.


He-Man had nothing on this:


Yeah He-Man wasn’t a 30 year old man trying to score High School chicks.


To be fair, Henry Winkler was 35 by this point.


Geordie Racer was definitely part of the schools TV stuff. Think we also had quite a bit of Ghost Writer at school as well.


Just like the film


Didn’t it have Danny John-Jules in it as well?


I loved Geordie Racer! I seem to remember our teacher bringing in a load of stotties to try and teach us about Geordie culture. We also had the blocky BBC-micro computer game


I think you might be right


Yeah, he was Barrington the Rastafarian merry man. Totally forgot he was in it!


That was probably Dark Towers, one of the Look And Read programmes (others were Geordie Racer, Fairground, Badger Girl, The Boy From Space etc)