In the mood for some really interesting yet not too abrasive chilled out tunage. Mogwai springs to mind. Hit me (thank you please)

Sorry should’ve made it clearer that I’m after suggestions. Give me the goods

Hammocks most recent one is a great one for chilling out too, perhaps lacking the hooks of mogwai though

I remember giving one of their recent albums the once over and not being taken. Hooks are a bit of a must with instrumentals for me

Ah Cool, yeah hammock perhaps a bit on the ambient side. The debut from Cold, Cold Heart last year is a great listen, very chilled with a bit more melody/hooks.

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William Tyler - Behold The Spirit. Top stuff.

Are you looking for instrumentals specifically?

If so, maybe Eluvium? I just started getting into him and am only familiar with three of his albums so far, but Copia seems to be a pretty popular place to start. This one from his latest album from 2016 is great too:

Also this short instrumental by The Smashing Pumpkins. When I play this for people they usually love it and then are shocked to find out it’s them.

Not specifically but this Eluvium track is very up my street 🖒

Oh yeeeaaah. Nail on the head with this my friend

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Nicole Dollanganger - Natural Born Losers

cool. Ok, let’s see if I can hit it again, do you know The British Expeditionary Force on Erased Tapes?

The TV has me watching some recorded Tina Turner live gig on the box now (not very chill… but it’s Tina). May have to revisit the rest of these, so far, excellent recommendations tomorrow

Added all of these to a playlist. Cheers m9s

Forgetting The Present is exceptional. Great shout. Just realised these guys are on Mogwai’s label. Explains a lot

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