Chilli Con Carne, or the lack thereof in fast food


I just want to be able to buy a chilli bowl in the UK, mates.

do NOT say Chipotle, taint the same




i can’t believe this isn’t more of a hot button issue guys


We were all going to say chipotlae


ahhhh i see. but it’s not the same eh?


like it’s… it’s a bowl of shredded meat and beans and cheese and etc and it’s not cooked like a real chilli


Big bowl of fries with nice red-winey meaty chilli and lots of cheese of top for me please


It’s carne con chilli you absolute philiStein.


would like fast food pasta to be more of a thing. like just a bowl full of nice hot pasta.


oh godddddddddd i’m so hungry now


i like that you can get takeaway lasagne in mayfair now


I get my fix from Sainsbury’s hot food to go. 500g chili con carne with rice for £3.90 (or cheaper if not in London).


Chilli cheese dogs need to be more readily available too.

In fact just hot dogs in general are in pretty scarce supply in the UK I always think.


There needs to be a burrito place that does other types of filling, the flexibility of the wrap format is not used to its full potential


there’s a pasta place over the road from my office, have been a few times now for lunch. Miles better than a bog standard sandwich.


This is SUCH a good tip!