Chilling Breath of Spring Footie Thread


came to post this. Mike Dean is a treasure


:smiley: ont rate bus

I had no idea, m7. certainly not the sort to threaten to threaten a woman with violence.


Still can’t get over the levels of arrogance involved in Fergie choosing that worthless piece of shit for the job.


Apart from the opening ten minutes, Sunderland were pretty hopeless on Saturday. They had so much possession and space after Watford went ahead but apart from a 20 yarder from Borini that Gomes saved, they created absolutely nothing. Mind you, when your midfield three are Darren Gibson, Jason Denayer and Jack Rodwell, you’re not likely to create a great deal.

The only bright spot from their afternoon was Jordan Pickford. Three decent saves, one excellent save from Success to prevent them falling 2-0 behind, and his distribution was outstanding. On two or three occasions he drilled the ball halfway down the pitch at a really low trajectory to set up Sunderland ‘attacks’, picking out his man perfectly. Showed good strong hands to get the ball away from the danger area as well when parrying the ball. Surely England’s #1 in waiting.

Watford weren’t much better, tbh. Just had a little more about them in the final third.

Back to the Vic for West Brom tomorrow.


Proper last days of Rome stuff, in retrospect. Those years will make a good, weird film one day.


Still think we’re in those years tbh. Mourinho might manage to steady the ship for a bit, even win a trophy or two but I think we’re a long way off being a Champions League force, or even Champions League regulars.


Inter vs Sampdoria appears to be the only notable on tonight







That’ll do just fine! #NoPraetNoParty


Still get a chuckle out of his name getting bandied around for the City job, on the basis that he knows Spanish. He’s got one hell of an agent.


that Lee Burge save was INCREDIBLE.

Marvin Johnson is an incredible winger, and we have a great left back so I don’t know why he is consistently used there.

Dunkley was absolute turds, can’t imagine we will still have him at the end of the season.


He was playing like a… winger. So much space behind him, and he was hardly tracking back at all.

Felt sorry for my friend: obv this year but with the loss last year as well his girlfriend just happens to be a Barnsley fan…




Savage promising young LB in media to make him work harder, and emphasise his ability to nurture youth.
Clever Jose.


Obviously Jose is shite with youngsters, literally all of them have stalled under him.

That said, him and Shaw are clearly not a good fit. Jose wants players who’ll die for him and he’s not the first one to accuse Shaw of being fat and lazy. Shaw clearly needs to be coddled.

With the right manager, he’ll clearly be great. I’m just worried that soon you’ll be able to make a top team out of (expensive) flops for us - a mixture of poorly thought out signings, bad man-management and unrealistic expectations.


Fucking great banter if Arsenal replace Wenger with Brentdan.

Obviously they won’t, but it’d be perfect if they did.


The wolf looks to be having fun with the bluebirds. As well he might.


That’s Sunderland AFC isn’t it?