China - human rights abuses

As mentioned below we are lacking a thread to discuss China and human rights abuses within.

Made an SSP because China’s ongoing genocide of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang is definitely a sensitive subject.

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Whenever I clicked the link to the BMJ they shared it went to a dead page. Does anyone have it?

No, but I did find this statement from the BMA

Thanks for sharing. That is gruelling reading :frowning:

Beijing’s attempt to erase the past carries on unabated:

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Perfectly normal country

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Is there anything about this that doesn’t draw on the work of Adrian Zenz? He gives me the creeps.

the zenz stuff seems largely very silly and there’s clearly a push from american agencies to do some old fashioned cold war propaganda shit, but even if you only listen to people who support china’s policy in xinjiang, and take their explanations at face value, that’s definitely still some pretty heavy human rights abuses.

just realised maybe i misread your post to be asking whether there s anything in the claims generally, rather than ‘can you link me to something about the claims that’s not based in zenz stuff’. sorry if i did

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Yeah I don’t doubt there are abuses going on but I don’t trust this guy at all.

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yeah just seems very obviously a bad actor

funny thing is when you look below the line on articles that cite him, all the top comments seem to be talking about what a joke he is, even on rabidly anti china places like reddit. suppose that doesn’t matter really if people only read headlines but it’s interesting to me

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Of course the UK have been training Chinese police in torture methods while publicly denouncing said torture. Grim.

Some absolutely bleak stuff in this.

There are countless examples of people being punished retrospectively for “crimes” that took place years or even decades ago - with one man jailed for 10 years in 2017 for having “studied Islamic scripture with his grandmother” for a few days in 2010.