Chinese Democracy

Did anybody initially listen to it when it first came out? It’s grown on me the last few years and it seems it got quite an audience of regular listeners on Spotify & YouTube. It’s different than a lot of their previous material and although it’s overproduced in places it seems to hold up.



There’s maybe 4 good/great songs on it.
The rest are varying degrees or turgid dogshit

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Didn’t watch it.

When people say you look like Mick Hucknall why are you offended

I think Keith Lemon looks more like Mick Hucknall. Not really offended. Think they both went through a horseshoe moustache phase.

The Offspring should have gone through with the joke:


I loved GN’R as a teen. Got bored of waiting 17 years for Chinese Democracy to be released and as a result never really gave it a chance as my musical tastes had changed so much.

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Never listened to it, never will.


Worst band of all time

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There’s at least 4 worse.

Its a decent album


Not really into reggae.


I remember getting into a taxi home from a night shift the day it came out and the driving thrusting at me exclaiming “take this shit out my taxi when you leave!”. Covered in GNR and other assorted 80s metal tattoos this fella, spent the entire way home talking about how bad the album was. Can’t remember what I did with it after getting out but I never heard it.

I was just telling this story to Her Indoors and remembered he told me during that journey that a tornado hit his house that month, he lived in the province of Eccles, Salford.


Always cheers me up coming across this again

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I remember feeling a bit sad when it finally appeared and robbed us of the reference to something that would never appear.

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one of those bands i just can’t decide on

first album has some bangers but do i also think it’s shit? maybe i do

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Listened to it once when it came out, thought it was garbage and have no intention of ever listening to it again.

It’s now been longer since the release of this album than the entire recording period was, along with all the delays.