Top of the takeaway pile. More variety, range and value for money than any other option. Yes there are bad ones out there, but that’s true of anything. The other main takeaways are good too but the ol’ Chinese is the inarguable champ.


Reckon an Indian takeaway beats it


Indian takeaway is more delicious. Chinese is the more sensible order from a leftovers perspective.


Curry is great, obviously, but an Indian doesn’t offer the scope and range of options a Chinese does, sorry.

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Not having this though. It’s always astonishing to me how expensive a Chinese ends up


Absolutely revolting. No thank you.

Proper Chinese food however, yes pls. English Chinese take away, vom off.

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Cheaper option than Indian around these parts. Obviously pricier than a kebab etc but the quality is higher.

What a strange opinion!

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Dish for dish, cheaper than a curry but when you order Indian you’re not ordering as many dishes as when you order a Chinese

The correct one no doubt.

I only ever have Chinese food when it’s enforced upon me by my brother, which luckily is very very rare these days. Everything they order is brown and gross. Especially the pork balls?

I’ll just have prawn toast and chips please. Then I’ll get Thai food on the way home.


How do you know what I get up to?

Pork balls are great! Brown food is the best.

A what? :grinning:

  • Chinese takeaway is English food
  • Chinese takeaway is Chinese food

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Chinese takeaway food scratches a very particular sodium craving itch for me.

Could eat Indian food, home cooked or from a takeaway every day for the rest of my life easily though.

Any half decent Indian takeaway will have variety in their offerings that far surpass what you get at the majority of Chinese takeaways in my experience.


Here’s what I’m ordering when I order a Chinese:

Half a Crispy Aromatic Duck + Pancakes
Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls
Mixed Starters
Singapore Fried Rice
Chicken Chow Mein
Crispy Chilli Beef
Kung Po Chicken

That’ll keep me going for several days of delicious leftovers and will leave me feeling truly abysmal in myself.

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salt chili tofu
crab and sweetcorn soup
bok choi
egg fried rice


Chinese takeaway also available outside of China and England tbh tbf


I think it’s the best when it’s good but there are so many bad gloopy sugary ones that it’s not top of my pile unfortunately.

Well, the thing is, when you’re ordering Chinese in a sensible manner you’re thinking two, three days ahead

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