Chip Ranking

  1. Chinese Chips (w Sweet & Sour sauce)
  2. Fries from a place
  3. Oven Chips
  4. Chip Shop Chips
  5. Curly Fries with the orange flavour
  1. Salt & chilli/pepper/whatever from the Chinese
  2. Chinese
  3. Chippy
  4. Oven chunky
  5. Pub triple cooked etc
  6. Fries
  7. Chunky/steak cut etc
  8. Oven fries
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Oh actually those lattice fries can go in between 6 and 7

Ah finally some common ground!

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Your opinions on fries are wildly different.

still, it’s a start though


Chinese chips are the best on account of the peanut oil.

didn’t know that, I just like that they’re always hot and crispy

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like me!


chinese chips are well overrated

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How do you feel about Five Guys chips? Those guys are also fried in peanut oil.

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give it to me straight then, your chip ranking, I can take it!

I like them

I also love Burger King fries, aware this makes me deviant

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Never had 'em. There’s a Five Guys in Plymouth but I’ve not been there.

Peanut Oil is what they make Cider from isn’t it?



Didn’t know chinese chips were a thing, assumed they were just on the menu for people who were scared of the rest of the menu.


that’s why I don’t order them anymore, because I’m afraid it’s insensitive

the things they come with (the little chilis and spring onions and stuff) are great

usually accompanied by very disappointing un-crispy chips in my imho though

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