Chips on toast


That’s the first time in my life I’ve ever put those two things together in my mind


Have you ever thought of ‘chips on toast’ before?

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  • No

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You’re on to something here, shoogs.


Sounds like a hot chip butty, nice.


I’m not British so OBVIOUSLY NOT.


Nothing British about this idea.

He’s out on his own with this one.

What a visionary.


Yeah but you all have stuff like chip buttys, I don’t see how this is even remotely different to that sort of thing.


You’ve got a lot to learn, russki. :wink:

Chip butties are common I grant you (in both senses of the word). But although this seems similar it’s light years away.


Aye you’re talking a VERY INTERESTING possible crunchy/soft dichotomy with toast.


Are you guys seriously telling me that you’ve never had a toasted chip butty?
May I suggest plenty of butter and brown sauce.
Try it. It’s lush.


But this is more … Chips on toast. Like beans on toast, but with chips. (As opposed to a butty- I’ve never used toast but it sounds good tbf tbh)


To me that’s just a toasted chip open sandwich. I have absolutely no problem with that. Basically, anything that I’ll eat, I’ll eat on toast. I like toast.


Double bread and chips


good way to ruin a chip butty tbh


Pervo to thread


french fries on french toast


I’m now imagining some gorgeous/terrible monstrosity with toast, chips on top of it, beans on top of those and maybe either some cheese or a damned fried egg on top.


Bring. It. On.