Chips or rice

Depends where the curry is from. Some places it’s a veg pilau rice, others it’s a masalla fries (plus a naan of course) . If there’s enough people, do both. Sometimes just a naan. All depends, doesn’t it?

Really like the chips from our Chinese and normally have dry(or dry-ish) mains, so rice would just be unnecessary stodge.

Normal chips with an Indian (probably a korma or chicken tikka masalla) is a disgrace though…

It made me cry into my Lamb Madras and chips.

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I’ve only ever got chips with curry at the Morrisons restaurant.

Imagine getting noodles with curry

chips, rice is terrible



Half rice, half chips. FFS what is wrong with you all?


I’ve literally never heard of chips with chinese or indian (I mean I am genuinely surprised that this is something that you can get, not trying to do a hot take)

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Let me blow your mind even further… You can get curry pizza.

I’m not. Why so hostile? Just trying to have a bit of a chat on a Friday night.

Edit: whilst I understand the hostility towards new people on an established forum the attitudes of some people here is gruelling especially in light of the bullying and mental health stuff raised earlier on today.

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  • Put it in a bowl of rice
  • Put it in a bowl of chips
  • What about naan or prawn crackers? (fuck noodles - a wet waste of time)
  • None of the above and explain

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Why do you hate the Welsh so?

I’ve never ordered it myself but they blummin’ love half and half down here. And more power to 'em frankly.


Half n’ half is the only way it’s done in Wales. Best of both worlds innit


I love the Welsh, they’re my number one Celts, but half and half is unforgivable. PICK A SIDE imho

I was gonna say, only ever had half and half whilst in uni in Wales.

Then again, I’ve only ever heard of chips with Indian food in the UK as well so.

Mainly rice. But sometimes get some salt and pepper chips

Half chips and rice with curry sauce from the Chinese is definitely a thing in Norn Iron and Scotchland too.

And it’s a thing of beauty.

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Why aren’t noodles vegan?

Unreleased Fall song?

t’s rice for food from the Indian subcontinent obviously.

For Chinese food it’s going to depend. Chips and rice can be amazing but I recognise that it seems like something only a philistine would do.

So I think I have some rough rules. In a restaurant it has to be rice. From a really great takeaway where you can tell they’re really proud of their food and you don’t want them to think you’re a fucking idiot…rice. Elsewhere all bets are off.

Noodles are absolutely NOT a waste of time. Prefer a noodle dish to rice 9 times out of 10 tbh.

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