Choccy box polls

  • Quantity Street
  • Cadbury Rosa’s
  • Mars Celebacy
  • Minataur Hellos

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I prefer bars


all of them are very good.

Feel like despite how good they are it needs to be between roses and quality street. A mars bar etc are year round sweets, the two originals only come out at Christmas

Quality Street because the wrappers are both recyclable (the foil bit) and compostable (the see-through crinkly bit) :recycle::recycle:


Quantity street>roses

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Heroes were a bit shit when they first launched but they’ve really upped their game over the years with their selections. Remember it used to be all little Picnics, Fuses and Time Outs. All decent bars but absolute shite for a box of sweets at Christmas


Celebrations and miniature heroes are wank, who wants to eat tiny versions of normal chocolate bars? Not exciting at all

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personally I’d just like a massive tub filled with only orange and strawberry cream ones

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J-lew had fill your own qual streets last Christmas. (Well, assistant filling it to your specification). Hope they do it again this year.

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no way! where?!?

wow there’s a yellow one?!

:face_vomiting: revolting

Not really sure Quality Street contain enough chocolate to be considered chocolate, however their green outlook on wrappers pleases me, and everyine needs a little sugar in their life.


Would love it if Quality Street did a box that just contained the nutty ones. Really can’t stand the fruit/coffee creams


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: one of the best parts of Christmas is that a fistful of Roses and a glass of Baileys is an acceptable breakfast.

Saw them in lots of supermarkets a couple of years ago, dunno if they’re still a thing or not

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Do a box of all the toffee ones too