Choco Leibniz

Best biscuit of all time.



Don’t know those but they cant be as good.


I’d agree with that statement. Especially the Orange ones, although I only get them when they are on offer.

Wouldn’t buy them because I feel like they’re expensive, but if I’m around someone’s house and they’re there, I will steal the shit outta them! Great for dunking too because they’re solid.

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Wait, they do orange ones??

often on offer though

Yes, quite hard to find in store sometimes though. Tesco online normally have them.

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so near so far (spar)

They’re the perfect balance of sweetness, the chocolate half-covered approach is a decent approximation of the duality of man too; rational and dry like a biscuit and passionate and lusty like chocolate.

Unbelievable biscuit.


I haven’t had them for ages because I just east the whole packet*, which obviously implies that I loved them. I’d start eating the chocolate off around the perimeter and then move on the central biscuit flat.

*isn’t that what you’re meant to do with biscuits though, eat them all?

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Got a mate who’s obsessed with them and insists on calling them “chocolate lesbians”. I reckon they’re a bit shit, no match for the real shit like hob nobs or dark chocolate digestives.

Schrödinger’s Kit-Kat

In before some total crumble.

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Don’t know why your mate calls them that but they’re definitely a cut above chocolate hobnobs and digestives.

I think you should make some sort of biscuit encylopaedia like Dr Johnson’s lexicon! That description was amazing! :joy:

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The Orange ones are back on offer at Tesco for a £1

I’ll be doing by foodshop tomorrow night, so will have to indulge.

You’re welcome!

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She does make a point of saying it a lot I think it’s an affectation for attention, much like preferring Choco Leibniz over other vastly superior chocolated biscuits such as hob nobs and digestives, which you can easily buy in all sorts of shops with no bother.