Choco Leibniz

This biscuit needs to be in a cleaner hand.

Manual worker, my hands cannot get cleaner than that no matter how hard I scrub. :v:

Chocolate hobnobs and digestives are good but both a little too dry though, the smooth texture of a Leibniz can’t be beat either.

big fan

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I too am a big fan.

Also, these are amazing:

oh they look great too!

but remember, its more chocolate than biscuit (worst tagline of all time imho)

that’s a really boring tagline, also I’d still classify it as a biscuit and not chocolate.

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Is that even true?

Massive fan of these biscuits, In particular the dark chocolate ones.

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glad we’ve finally reaches a happy consensus on DiS.

Love you guys x


great, great thread. the best biscuit is a ginger crunch cream tho, so


I can’t go with you on this one.

Doesn’t even rhyme

Another vote for Orange ones.

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Hi @Bamnan

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love you, you’re a great human being!

Tried the newish Choco moments and they are outstanding

There’s only 6 of them in the packet so they are much thicker. Definitely my new favourite biscuit.

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They had the caramel ones in the staff shop at work last week. 50p a go. Lovely stuff.

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another vote for Davidoff Cool Leibniz, here