Chocolate box

  • Double chocolate truffle
  • Simply chocolate
  • Le crunch chocolat
  • Sticky toffee
  • Death by chocolate
  • Zest orange chocolate
  • Lemon meringue pie
  • Praline perfection

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I really hope you enjoy to eat these but, were I to own a box of chocolates and then open the instructions and be faced with those choices I’d be a little disappointed

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you’re a real mood killer yknow Ant?


Yeah, I have been told that before actually.

the lemon was a let down tb(grudgingly)f to you

Kinda like life

Yeah, I always say “Life is like a box of chocolates, sometimes you open it up and are disappointed when you read the instructions”

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I dont think they’re instructions tbh

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I call them “the instructions”

They are not instructing you.

Yeah, they’re instructing you which chocolate you may enjoy to pop in your stupid little mouth

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my kids got me some of these last birthday. they were a bit disappointing.

and that’s what I told the kids “THESE ARE DISAPPOINTING, KIDS”


Do you call a restaurant menu ‘the instructions’ too?

If it came to me in a box I probably would, yeah

They’re not instructions, it’s the map. That’s what we say in our house, “Pass us the map.”


I need to make a to make call but I might come back to this.

Do you call it an atlas if you get a map with hinges?

You show me yours and I’ll show you mine


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no crunch no lunch that’s what I always say


poll it coward