Chocolate box

I don’t think I’d like a single one of those tbh, can you provide a picture of the pieces themselves at all?

It remains simply the map

V unusual approach

i’m confused by the water one

is it a 72% water chocolate treat?


Sometimes, if it’s a little book, we call it “The little book”

That’s an atlas if the sheet is a map. Can I suggest you make this change moving forward please.

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Yeah, I found that one confusing as well

You can suggest it, but I won’t be implementing it

Even Hoogy’s chocolates have weird and posh names.

  • Cherry & Prosecco
  • Vanilla & Lemon Cheesecake
  • Baklava, Yoghurt & Honey
  • Sea Salted Caramel
  • Banoffee Pie
  • J&B Rare Whisky & Brown Sugar Shortbread Truffle
  • Champagne Truffle
  • 72% Solomon Islands Water Ganache
  • Gin & Tonic

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Would you like to open a restaurant where the menu is a globe?

If so we will go into business together.

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My great uncle owned a Soloman Island with a hotel on it but we never went as children weren’t allowed on the island. Then he died.

72% Solomon Islands water, ganache.
72% Solomon Islands, water ganache.


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he did the ganache!
(he did the 72% Solomon Islands Water ganache)


I’m afraid I am already very invested in my existing career but I wish you nothing but the best moving forward x

ah, the classic reverse-Lord of the Flies

I’ve eaten three already, but this is what’s left


Real earthy flavour


No need for polls of you just eat them all

Oh okay. Really wasn’t expecting to be rejected like this, but that will teach me not to open myself up to the boards.