Chocolate Digestives

Remember this?

I win, you all lose (except for the few people that agreed with me). Definitive.

McVitie’s are full of shit pal

Oh dear. elthamsmateowen doesn’t even read eltham’s threads…


just because they make them doesn’t mean they know what the fuck they’re talking about.

like the guy that invented the .gif saying it’s pronounced gif not gif. fuck off pal, I know it’s your thing but it’s blatantly gif not gif you fucking zoomer


^there’s a statement we can all get behind


The chocolate is definitely on the top/bottom not the top/bottom no matter what anyone says. AMIRITE?

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does anyone put butter/margarine on their plain digesitves?

Have done in the past, as a child. May do again in the future.

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and it is obviously on the bottom. The logo and shit is on the top. No debate tbh

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Oh yeah.


when i was about 5 yeah

yeah, think it is a scottish thing. My glaswegian mother trying to kill me South of the border

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ie for the first 10% of the average lifespan for the west of scotland

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I’m not Scottish and I’ve done this as a child. Also used to put butter on dry Weetabix now and again, now there’s a mouth clogger!

I think the chocolate may be applied to the bottom of a digestive, but once it has been done it becomes a different object, no one would hold it chocolate face down, so therefore the chocolate is on the top

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